Mental Wellness

Energy Medicine

Natural Medicine

A one-to-one mental wellness session encourages individuals to:

  • realize his or her own abilities
  • respond peacefully to the normal pressures of life
  • work productively and fruitfully, and;
  • to make a positive contribution to his or her community.

Chi energy blockages are often at the root of physical pain and emotional imbalance. Energy medicine or quantum-touch healing is accomplished by linking breathing and body awareness techniques. You will learn how to raise your vibration or energy level to accelerate your healing using breathwork, body awareness techniques and yoga nidra. 

Since the beginning of time, all traditional cultures and healing traditions have looked to the plant world as the main source of health, wealth and wellness. This healing approach emphasizes plants as a source of food, nutrition and medicine for the body, mind, and spirit. 

Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP)

Meditation & Yoga/Qi Gong 

Spiritual Consultation

A spiritual consultation will offer insight on the energy of your present circumstance, old emotional problems/patterns, answer your curiosities and so much more.  A reading with me blends numerology, Òrìsà tarot/Obi, Metu Neter tarot, I Ching diviniation, and the ase of my spirit guide Os​​un. 
An ITP offers specific recomendations to each individual on lifestyle, diet, exercise, yoga, herbal therapy, and spiritual practices to restore and maintain balance in body and mind. 

This healing approach stills the mind as you concentrate on a single word, phrase, or object or movement. It enhances mental and spiritual development, encourages reflection, and teaches how to direct inner chi to calm the turbulence of emotions, heightens spiritual awareness, and develop the powers of concentration. 

For pricing and/or to schedule an appointment/consultation, email [email protected] 
Consultations are available via email, or phone, please specify which medium you prefer.

 Ethical Conduct

Respect for Clients – I respect client privacy, choose appropriate language, will not harass or intimidate, address clients by their preferred name and designation and communicate clearly.

Client Confidentiality – I will not share personal information with anyone, except as required by law for the function of law enforcement or order of a court, and will not misuse electronic mail.

Continuing Education –  I will continually strive for excellence by attending as many educational workshops and courses available, which will help me to advance and improve in my skillset and knowledge to best serve client needs.

Referrals – I will refer clients to appropriate healers (mental, physical, spiritual) when necessary.

The Right to Refuse Service – I reserve the right to refuse any session if I desire. In these cases a full refund will be given if payment has already been made.

Non-Discrimination – I will treat every person with fairness and respect without regard to race, sex, creed, mental capacity or religious affiliation.

Honesty – I will perform all services in truthfulness, via spoken words or written communications, will not cheat, plagiarize or otherwise distribute dishonest publication, will maintain accurate, honest records of clients and all business activities.

Age – Must be 18 years or older. If you are younger than 18, parental consent must be provided. 

Informed Consent – All clients will be asked to sign our consent forms to ensure that they understand that they have a right to a professional service and also to give them the opportunity to participate in their educational pursuits as it relates to their health and wellbeing.

Payment – Sessions are not completed until payment has been made. 

Scheduling – Sessions will normally be scheduled within one week of payment.

Cancelation – If you cannot make it to your appointment, please contact me via text or email.