The Soulcare Workshop




This intimate workshop is designed to reignite or invigorate your Soulpower. We will discuss perceived blockages, the power of words, thoughts, + feelings, the power of manifestation and creating the life you want to live.  We will begin the process of healing from the identified blockages and discuss ways to continue your souls healing beyond this workshop. You will learn several soulcare practices to incorporate into your lifestyle and practice. 
Your Soulpower is directly responsibile for the menifestations of the events in your life. The vitality of your lifeforce is dependent on your emotional states, negative emotions devitalize and create imbalance within your lifeforce (Soulpower). Negative emotions directly significantly effect the manifestation of spiritual power. We are cleansing our Soul and raising our lifeforce enegry. 
A Tranformative 4 hour Workshop
Vegetarian or Vegan Lunch
Light Refreshments
Soulcare Pratices 
A Giftbag
So Much More!

Sunday, May 26, 2019  | 2-6PM  | Investment $75

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