Omiwali translates to water returns or governs. Omiwali is a holistic health service promoting self-health on four levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The courses and services we offer are provided to assist us experience higher consciousness, realize inner peace, and live healthy lives.
Founder/Executive Director, 
Omikunle Ashley Freeze Ekundayo, M.S.

I am a mental health therapist and natural medicine practitioner based in New York City. I am also a first year doctoral student studying Mind-Body Medicine. I am primarily a student of Ifá (a Yorùbá tradition) however, I have an appreciation for many spiritual traditions which may be evident in my langauge and overall conceptual expression.

 In order to offer high quality wellness services I am expandning my knowledge on an ongoing basis in the following areas: 
  • Anatomy and physiology 
  • Energy healing 
  • Nutrition and body chemistry
  • Therapeutic touch and bodywork
  • Spirituality in healing
  • Natural remedies such as herbs, other plant medicine and essential oils
  • Traditional systems of healing of the  Anago (Yorùbá ) and East Asia  ​​

Please note that on Monday and Tuesdays Omiwali is closed.

Meet The Tribe

Shāsa SoGold 

Melanie Williams

Creative Consultant

Shāsa SoGold is an astrologer, writer, and singer from the south side of Chicago. Currently residing in NYC, she aspires to help people heal and learn more about themselves and the world through the science of astrology.
Melanie is a writer, activist, wife and mother. She is a business owner and  currently works in local government and aspires to work in the Law field, to aid the black community in standing their ground. 
ZILLA is an artist and creative collaborator based in New York. He is also a street culture enthusiast. 

Kierra Goosby
Research Assistant

Tria'le Thomas
Research Assistant

Kierra Goosby is a first-year master’s student studying Plant Science. She is a natural medicine enthusiast, a sustainable agriculture advocate, and loves learning. She strives to be an example of  love and peace. 
Tria'le Thomas is a native of Tampa, FL and a Florida A&M University alumna. She works as a crisis counselor, and spends most of her free time reading, listening to music, writing and talking to trees.